Thirty-Seven Nats

   Also known as the "Thirty-Seven Lords," the pantheon of nats first established by King Anawrahta in the 11th century. To 36 deities, whose number has cosmological meaning, the monarch decreed that Thagya Min, the divine protector of Buddhism, be added, making 37. Although membership in the pantheon has changed over time, the number has remained constant.
   They include Min Mahagiri and his sister, Lady Golden Face; the Little Lady, a cheerful nat who plays with children; the Old Man of the Banyan Tree, who died of leprosy; and a king of Chiang Mai (now in Thailand) who was taken prisoner by Bayinnaung. All but three (including Thagya Min) were executed, died under other tragic or violent circumstances, or perished from disease. Their elevation to special status reflected the need to placate them, to prevent their angry spirits from doing harm to the living.
   See also Popa, Mount; Nat-Pwe.

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